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Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) Policy :

“Dealer” as used herein means you, our customer to which this MAP Policy has been sent. The Products covered under this MAP Policy are listed in Exhibit A to this letter. All sales of Products on Exhibit A will be subject to this MAP Policy. This Policy will be enforced strictly and uniformly. The MAP Policy will help us to ensure our brand integrity and our commitment to you, our customer.
This Policy is non-negotiable. Dealers may sell Products at any price they deem appropriate. However, Dealers shall not advertise Products below the minimum advertising price established by Tecnifibre USA, Inc. In keeping with our Product’s brand images, Dealers are expected to avoid advertising used Products (other than normal demos and samples) in any advertisement related to the Products.
MAP Policy

  1. Tecnifibre USA, Inc. will maintain an updated MAP list of those performance Products that are subject to this policy. This Policy and the list of Products subject to the Policy may change at any time and from time to time by Tecnifibre USA, Inc. without advance notice to Dealers.
  2. All MAP Products listed will have a MAP retail price. The MAP retail price must be listed next to the featured Product in all advertising. This includes any website or other information distribution method that solicits consumer interest in a MAP listed Product. Tecnifibre USA, Inc. reserves the right to approve any advertising or other means of consumer information that solicits interest in the MAP listed Products. Tecnifibre USA, Inc. may elect not to continue to supply Products to Dealers who (a) are in non-compliance with this MAP Policy, (b) use advertising phrases or tactics to undermine the legitimate purposes of this MAP Policy (including but not limited to discounts offered which result in “free riding” on other retailers service investments), (c) use advertising phrases which, in Tecnifibre USA, Inc.’s reasonable discretion, constitute non-compliance with MAP Policy.
  3. If Tecnifibre USA, Inc. determines in its sole discretion, that Dealer has taken any action inconsistent with this MAP Policy, which may include advertising a MAP Product below the price listed on the attached MAP Product List, then Tecnifibre USA, Inc. may take any or all of the following actions: (i) cancel all orders from that Dealer for the given MAP Products; (ii) refuse to accept new orders for the MAP Products for a period to be determined by Tecnifibre USA, Inc. ; (iii) refuse to accept new orders for so long as the MAP Products appear on the current MAP Products List; or (iv) refuse to accept all new orders from such Dealer and terminate such Dealer’s accounts with Tecnifibre USA, Inc.
  4. Any advertisement, promotion or consumer program that attaches another product or value added offer (including free freight or any gift with purchase offer) must be approved by Tecnifibre USA, Inc. or it may be deemed a violation of this MAP policy.
  5. Any posting or advertisement to sell new Tecnifibre Products through the use of any “auction’ site or related method or re-distribution (e.g. eBay, Yahoo Auctions, Amazon) will be deemed a violation of this MAP policy, unless approved in writing by Tecnifibre USA, Inc. Therefore, Dealers and especially the E-Commerce Dealers, are not authorized to offer Tecnifibre Products for sale through any other Internet websites, including but not limited to auction sites and shipping sites. The Dealers in such instances provide no value-added distribution services in such channel, but can reasonably be viewed as merely a re-distributor to the auction site “e-tailer”.
  6. Tecnifibre USA, Inc. reserves the right at any time to determine allocations for any Dealer of all Products.
  7. Tecnifibre USA, Inc. recognizes that any authorized Tecnifibre USA, Inc. Dealer can sell any Tecnifibre Product at any price it chooses without consulting or advising Tecnifibre USA, Inc. Tecnifibre USA, Inc. does, however, reserve the right to make its own independent decision regarding Product allocations and Dealer participation in Tecnifibre USA, Inc.’s distribution network.
  8. Tecnifibre USA, Inc. sales representatives are not permitted to discuss this MAP policy or make any agreements or assurances with respect to Tecnifibre USA, Inc.’s Policies regarding MAP, Distribution, or E-commerce. This includes any consumer program or promotion that affects the attached listed products. Any questions regarding this Policy or any aspect of this Policy should be addressed in writing to the Sales Department at Tecnifibre USA, Inc.


“Please see the “Current MAP list” for a detailed listing of those Products that fall within the parameters of this Policy.

Distribution Guidelines

  1. Any sale or distribution of Tecnifibre Products beyond the direct consumer retail model that Tecnifibre USA, Inc. has approved for a specific Dealer location may be deemed “Re-Distribution”.  A Re-Distribution is a violation of Tecnifibre USA’s Distribution Guidelines Policy. Tecnifibre USA, Inc. reserves the right to make its own independent decision regarding allocations of Products, and with respect to a Dealer’s status as part of Tecnifibre USA, Inc.’s distribution network, if Tecnifibre USA, Inc. determines that a Dealer has engaged in Re-Distribution of Tecnifibre Products.
  2. A Dealer’s value-added distribution services may be limited to a geographic area and distribution outside such area may be unauthorized by Tecnifibre USA, Inc.
  3. International distribution, sales, and shipping of MAP Products outside of the United States is not permitted unless otherwise approved in writing by Tecnifibre USA, Inc. and as stated below in our Tecnifibre USA, Inc. E-Commerce Guidelines for the E-Commerce Dealers.

E-Commerce Guidelines
Tecnifibre USA, Inc. has established the following E-Commerce Guidelines for Dealers that wish to sell Tecnifibre Products via the Internet. This includes any Dealer who uses the Internet to advertise Tecnifibre Products, as well as any Dealer which uses the Internet to solicit any consumer or other interest in Tecnifibre Products.
Those wishing to sell Tecnifibre products via the Internet must be an approved E-Commerce Dealer and fully comply with the E-Commerce Guidelines set forth herein.

  1. An E-Commerce Dealer’s website will include a fully operational shopping cart feature. This includes providing an approved, secure consumer website for all transactions and ensuring consumer privacy and fraud protection.
  2. E-Commerce Dealers must have an approved Product presentation website and consumer education information must be available for each Product listed on the website. E-commerce websites must respect Tecnifibre trademarks, logos, images, Product descriptions and designs.
  3. E-Commerce Dealers must have the capability for e-mail and consumer information retention, as well as the capability to distribute e-mail information to their consumer database. At Tecnifibre USA, Inc.’s request, E-Commerce Dealers may cooperate with Tecnifibre USA, Inc. in direct-to-consumer e-mail promotions.
  4. Without the approval of Tecnifibre USA, Inc., E-Commerce Dealers are not authorized to offer Tecnifibre Products for sale through any other Internet websites, including, but not limited, to auction sites such as eBay and shipping sites such as amazon.com.
  5. International distribution, sales, and shipping, of MAP Products outside of the United States are not permitted unless otherwise approved in writing by Tecnifibre USA, Inc. E-Commerce Dealers agree to do everything technically possible to not accept any Product request from outside the United States. An E-Commerce Dealer will state on its website that is not authorized to ship Tecnifibre Products to addresses outside the United States.
  6. E-Commerce Dealers will not sell Tecnifibre Products to any other retailer or distributor or to any individual or entity for resale or export. E-Commerce Dealers will not sell Tecnifibre Products to any individual or entity that E-Commerce Dealer believes may intend to sell such Products outside the United States.
  7. E-Commerce Dealers will use their best effort to provide customer service and resolve any customer service issues in collaboration with Tecnifibre USA, Inc.

Any question regarding this Policy should be directed to the Sales Department at Tecnifibre USA, Inc.

Tecnifibre USA, Inc Management